SLDLP #10 – 04/17/2021

Congrats to the 225  participants who showed up for our “Collective Spring Clean-up event“ on Saturday April 17th 2021despite the weather. Our Green Leaders welcomed very motivate volunteers in 5 areas of Hong Kong: Sai Kung, Lamma, Pokfulam, Cap d’Aguilar and Shek’o. 

Together we collected and evacuated 1688 PET bottles and almost 2 TONS (1976 kg ) of waste in nearly a couple of hours. Fishing gears, polyfoam, and small debris were in infinite quantities.
From 2 sites, bottles were sent to recycling with the help of V Cycle after being sorted (a portion was rejected as they were already too degraded or dirty ). The polystyrene was taken by WIT Holdings Limited to see how it can be recycled in its state (very degraded and hard).

This public event was in collaboration with Ocean3C, V Cycle, WIT Holdings and Harry Chan, Cleanshorelines (EPD) and sponsored by TEVA Hong Kong (Swire Resources).

0 Volunteers at 5 locations
0kg Trash Collected
0 Plastic Bottles Removed

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