Saturday (morning) November 7 th 2020 SLDLP 9 “Back to the beach”.

It has been too long, and plastic didn’t stop entering our ocean during the pandemic. In fact plastic pollution has increased with the emergence of new waste (masks and gloves), but also with the over consumption of single-use plastics.
For this event, we will follow the rules and restrictions in place in Hong Kong at that time, and therefore will be limiting the number of participants per location. We will open as many areas as possible to welcome volunteers, but it will be on a first come first served basis. Participants will collect trash, sort out PET bottles that will be recycled by our partner V Cycle, and most important will discuss how to reduce waste at source .

Alternatively, volunteers who cannot join a group are welcome to clean their favourite spot and send us pictures to :

Choose your location, build a team or join individually ! All details will be sent after registration.

Event December 5th 2020

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