“European Union Beach Cleaning“
Saturday September 18th – 9:30am to 1pm
Free and open to all

For the World Cleanup Day 2021, join us to clean HK shores and show your commitment to Ocean protection. Choose your area and register individually or as a Team.

The emphasis will remain on single-use plastics: volunteers will collect trash, sort out PET bottles, weigh all bags, and dispose of waste at the collection point designated by the government authorities. PET bottles will be sent to V-Cycle for recycling whenever possible.
Ghost nets and Styrofoam pollution will also be addressed.

Cleaning the shores remains a necessity, but most important is to encourage a discussion on how to change habits, and raise awareness on daily use of plastics that could be avoided.
Since the beginning of the pandemic, plastic didn’t stop entering our ocean. In fact plastic pollution has increased with the emergence of new waste (masks and gloves), but also with the over consumption of single-use plastics.

Alternatively, volunteers who cannot join a group are welcome to clean their favourite spot and send us pictures to : info@souslesdechetslaplage.hk

Choose your location, build a team or join individually ! All details will be sent after registration.

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(Covid-19 rules will be followed)

Event Sept 18 2021

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