Saturday (morning) April 17th 2021
SLDLP 10 “Collective Spring Cleanup”

Calling for all good wills that would like to do their part for the Ocean!
In partnership with Ocean3C, Harry Chan, Hidy Yu and V Cycle, all citizens of Hong Kong are invited to help us clean the shores and sent to recycling what can be.
You can register individually or as a team on designated areas.
We will also discuss at the end the importance of reducing our waste at source, especially single use plastics, before it reaches the ocean.
We will follow the rules in place at that time regarding Covid-19.
Registration is mandatory on the website to help us organize the logistics!

Hope to see you for another impactful event!

Alternatively, volunteers who cannot join a group are welcome to clean their favourite spot and send us pictures to :

Choose your location, build a team or join individually ! All details will be sent after registration.

Event April 17th 2021

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