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Saturday (morning) November 7 th 2020 SLDLP 9 “Back to the beach”.

For this event, we will follow the rules and restrictions in place in Hong Kong at that time, and therefore will be limiting the number of participants per location. Participants will collect trash, sort out PET bottles that will be recycled by our partner V Cycle, and most important will discuss how to reduce waste at source.

Alternatively, volunteers who cannot join a group are welcome to clean their favourite spot and send us pictures to :

Choose your location, build a team or join individually ! All details will be sent after registration.

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Hong Kong throws away 5.2 million bottles every single day: SLDLP acts to collect and recycle plastic trash, and prevents single-use plastic through education.

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SLDLP means « Sous Les Déchets, La Plage », literally “Under the waste, the beach” and refers to a French old slogan.
SLDLP is an initiative from the French community, supported by the French Consulate in Hong Kong and Macao, which aims to raise awareness about marine pollution and the emergency of reducing waste in our daily life. Together we want to demonstrate that when volunteers of all ages are united under a strong commitment to make a difference, we can have a significant impact. Ultimately we aim to inspire every Hong Kong resident to work on their side to preserve the unique beauty of their natural surroundings.


Non profit Society Registered in Hong Kong under Section 5A(1) of the Societies Ordinance CP/LIC/SO/19/61577 

Everybody! We will secure some beaches for easy access by the youngest!

Bring your own gloves if you have some! We will otherwise provide reusable fabric gloves and garbage bags on every beach. Wear good shoes – no flip-flops – and avoid valuable clothing. Bring along a reusable drinking bottle to avoid more plastic on the beach, sun screen and a hat for sunny weather.

SLDLP is a group of volunteers, truly engaged in the environment protection and sensitization, and mobilizing the community’s talents to organise events.

Yes, we do! If you wish to organise a private or corporate beach cleaning, feel free to contact us!

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Join Verveine Ho
大埔船灣淡水湖副壩 海岸清理活動>

日期:2020年11月7日 (星期六)
單程 5km 大約1小時半,平緩石屎路及少量石級上落海岸。淡水湖在內海。
總結 分享。
散隊時間:大約下午4:00 大尾篤散隊,可自行早退。

# 此為自發活動,結伴同行,互相照應,責任保險自負。
# 天氣乾熱,請自備2.5L水,午餐,帽,扇,毛巾,晴雨工具,防蚊防曬。中途無補給。
# 請穿著密頭鞋長褲,請帶備腰包或小揹袋裝個人貴重物品及一樽水,方便工作。如有垃圾夾手套,請帶備。
# 請物盡其用源頭減廢,盡量遲免用即棄膠樽餐具紙巾濕紙巾。自己垃圾自己帶走,不混和海岸垃圾放垃圾收集站內,以免野生動物翻亂垃圾袋,影響衛生。謝謝合作。
# 我們提供舊洗衣袋物流袋裝垃圾。另有小量洗淨重用勞工手套。
Coastal Clean up - Subsidiary Dam of Plover Cove Reservoir
Date:7/11/2020 Saturday
Meet up at 09:30, BBQ site next to public toilet at Tai Mei Tok bus terminal.

Transport:East rail to TaiPo market station,
Take green mini bus 20C at mini bus station to Tai Mei Tok bus terminal.

We will take a leisure walk up to the subsidiary dam via the main dam.
Round trip about 10km
No shelter on the dams ☀️
Scenery view is guaranteed 🏞️
Restaurants, snacks stands, public toilet at Tai Mei Tok, no supply there after.

Activities : clean up coastal debris and put them to the nearby collection site.
Debriefing & sharing if condition allows.

We start our journey back to Tai Mei Tok at about 1600.

#Please note we are self initiated volunteer group. #We do not have insurance coverage.
#Bring 2.5L water, snacks, cap, umbrella, hand towel, anti mosquito, sunblock.
#Avoid single use.
#No supply, no fresh water on the way nor on spot.
#Proper outfits. Gloves and garbage pince if on hand.

#We provide reused plastic garbage bags and some reused gloves.

💖Thank you for joining coastal clean up 🙏🏼
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We have now more than 200 volunteers registered on our 6 areas and some additional closed locations. We can still accept volunteers, especially in SAI KUNG and TAI PO but please register ! Social distancing measures and masks wearing as per current rules in HK will need to be followed by all.
ocean3c , the co-organizer, will start its Citizen Science project with some participants to collect data on waste found and has invited :
V Cycle for the collection and recycling of PET bottles
@Harry Chan and Hidy Yu 余曉彤, the famous ghost nets hunters.
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We all love the beaches of Tai Long Wan ( Sai Kung ). After 3 days holidays and many visitors, bottles and waste have accumulated . But whats' left here from the tide is a multitude of small polyfoam balls, coming from large pieces in the ocean.
Want to clean Sai Wan HO : contact us at

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Single-use plastic consumption has increased with the pandemic, so has the pollution : join us to clean some designated spots with our team of Green Leaders .
Register here :

Participants will be limited due to Covid 19 restrictions in force

#BeatPlasticPollution #saynotoplastic #ilovehongkong
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